The RESIN Tools

The RESIN project’s ideal partnership of pioneering research experts and active city representatives uniquely position the project as creators of a complete adaptation action package. Comprehensive evidence, interactive training and intuitive tools support, mobilise and streamline every stage of the process, from concept to reality. 

The RESIN tools will be the first of their kind, going beyond local cases and consolidating accumulated experience and knowledge to generate reliable, evidence-supported toolkits that will be both scientifically novel and user-friendly.

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The RESIN e-guide is designed to provide decision support for climate change adaptation planning by city administrators. It does this by:

·         Providing a structured and comprehensive overview of the various steps and activities that an urban adaptation process consists of;

·         Providing practical, user-oriented support to actually perform such an adaptation process;

·         Providing a portal to the most relevant sources of information and supporting methods available on the web, including providing interfaces for brand-new tools that are being developed by the RESIN partners ;

·         Providing guidance (where attainable) for choosing the best approaches, methods, tools and information sources for particular situations and particular steps;

·         Providing references to evidence based information;

The information in the e-guide is likely to also be of use to other stakeholders, like urban infrastructure managers.

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Impact and vulnerability analysis (IVAVIA)

A tool suite is under development to support and guide the process of impact and vulnerability analysis for critical infrastructures and built-up areas (IVAVIA). Accompanying software use cases demonstrate how users would apply the tool to the various phases of IVAVIA. 

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Library of adaptation options

A searchable archive will host the above tools as well as documentation on adaptation measures previously implemented in different cities. 
The library will have a collaborative element where partners and other users can log in to upload or edit content. A platform will be created that will serve as an adaptation hotspot for cities beyond the project duration. 

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Climate Risk Typology

A Climate Risk Typology will identify some of cities’ key aspects as they relate to adaptation. Existing adaptation measures will also be surveyed, evaluated and documented in the project's online library.

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The RESIN project goes beyond localised adaptation approaches and moves towards formal standardisation of climate adaptation strategies. The Standardisation Institute of the Netherlands (NEN) will work with the project partners in streamlining the project's outputs into European standardised approaches.

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