Throughout the project, project partners will collaborate both with regular communication and by attending intensive training workshops. Results and insights following these meetings will be published here as the project progresses.   

Workshop themes: 
  • climate risk, impact and vulnerability assessments
  • prioritization of measures 
  • strategy development management 



Webinars will be organised to foster contact and cooperation between the core cities and the Tier 2 cities. The main focuses of the webinars will be to integrate the city activities into a wider urban management process, share results and exchange knowledge.  


Stakeholder dialogues

Interim project results will be shared with a selected target audience composed of cities, local private adaptation stakeholders and representatives of Tier 2 cities. The RESIN Stakeholder Dialogues will provide a unique space for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and capacity building, and collect feedback for further refinement of the tools and resources produced.